How It Works
For Freelancers / Sellers / Workers / Service Providers.

This website is a platform where buyers/clients can post jobs and sellers/freelancers can apply for it by providing their rate and time required. If buyer like your bid, they can hire you and pay you through our website.

How IT Works?

- Register on website.
- Create Seller Profile (Manage Profile)
- Browse Projects that are relevant to you
- Enter your Rate, Timeline and Description that attracts clients.
- Click Submit to apply.

If your bid is selected by client, they will award you project. You can accept the project to do work. Once the work is completed, you can ask them to release the agreed amount. This amount you can withdraw to your Bank account anytime.

We process all withdraw requests every second week. You can withdraw funds to

Bank Account - Indian Users (NEFT)
Bank Account - Wire Transfer
Paypal - All users (except Indian Users)