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This Site is a virtual platform to connect buyers and providers. It works as a facilitator and doesnot involve directly or indirectly in the actual transactions between members of the site. Members can interact with each other on the site at their own risk. The site doesn't validate or confirm the identity of members as this is very difficult on the internet. The Site also doesn't confirm the Address Qualification Profile Portfolio or any other thing directly or indirectly related members. You agree that you are fully aware of the services provided at the website and you are fully eligible to use the website service. You agree that service is provided AS-IS that means Site is not responsible for any kind of delay removal refusal fraud payment disputes or any other type of direct/indirect activity related to members projects or payments.


You agree that you have acheived the legal age to register on the website and you are not forbidden to use the site according to the laws of your country or any other country. If you do not fulfill the eligibility criteria your membership can be cancelled without any notice. Premium members will pay the membership fees as listed on the Site. You agree that Membership can be changed to Normal if Fees is not paid.

You agree that Site is charging fees for different servies listed on the website. The Site reserves the right to change add or remove any Fee at any time without any notice. All or any fees paid on the Site is non-refundable.

The Site reserves the right to terminate any member with or without reason at any time without notice. The membership of any member who violates the terms and conditions will be immedately suspended/terminated. In case of such termination/suspension members will not be entitled to receive any funds from the Site.

The Site will make payments or withdrawals when the user will submit the request on website. You agree that you may be asked to verify your identity email or credit card. If you are fail to provide the verification proof or you refuse the verification Site reserves the right to terminate your account and refund the deposited amount. If any funds deposited or transferred found to be fraudelent it will be revered immediately. The site cannot be held responsible for any deposits reversed due to fraud transactions of any type. You agree that website cannot be held responsible for any loss due to fraudelent transaction of any type.

You agree that you understand the escrow service that is free and works as a tool to protect the members. In case of any dispute between the members Site reserve the right to cancel the escrow if left with no other option. The members should resolve the disputes at their own or using the services of any third party. Site works as a facilitarot and not arbitrator. You agree that the Site reserves the right to process/cancel the Escrow against the member who donot respond for continuous 30 days after repeated attempts.

You agree that you should resolve the disputes at your end with or without the use of any third party. You cannot held liable the Site in case of any dispute. The Site may open the case to settle the dispute at a certain fees. This fees will be charged from both the parties and is non-refundable. The site cannot be forced to open the case by any member. The Site reserves the right to canel/process any escrow amount and may terminate the account of both or any party involved in the dispute without any notice.

You agree that you cannot post any patented or copyright material on the website. You cannot post any project/information that implies any direct/indirect use of any copyright. The Site is not responsible for any copyright issue. The member who have posted the such information or material will be responsible.

You agree that you may not post any email address or any contact information on the website. You can post email address and conact details only on registration page. You agree that you may not post any contact informaton like phone number mobile number any chat id any email address website url or other form of contact details. We can suspend your account if we found contact details posted on the website other than the registration page. You agree that your email address will be shared by the other party only by the Site when project is awarded or quality bids are invited.

You agree that you may not contact the members outsite the Site for any purpose like negotiate the fees avoiding commission etc. In such a case it will be treated as non-compliance of terms and conditions and the membership of any or both members can be suspended or terminated.

You agree that you may be restricted from bidding on featured or quality bid projects. We reserve the right to limit the number of bids on any project at anytime. We also reserve the right to set monthly or weekly bid limit at any time.

You agree that you may not post any advertising information or advertising material on the website. The information posted in project title description guidelines or chat should be related to the project only.

You agree that you may not possess more than one account for any purpose. If you found to have more than one account on the website your all accounts may be terminated/suspended. You also agree that you cannot under any circumstances transfer the ownership of an account without the approval of the Site. You agree that if you donot operate your account for at least 6 months your account may be terminated/suspended and balance can be deducted by the site.

You agree that you may not misuse the Site. You will not be involved in posting false articles sending junk emails posting any false/misleading messages in private chat rooms/news groups commercial advertising of any kind through any direct indirect or electronic medium.

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