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Website devolpment 9
php 10
Wordpress 8
Experience : 6-10 year(s)
Min. Rate : 8 per hour
Earnings Reported : $0.00 USD
Service Rating : 4 Out of 5  5 Reviews
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Description :
I am a computer programmer/entrepreneur/mechanical engineer who has created websites, apps and neural net software. I have an incredible intention to detail and do not stop until the project is complete.

My first and largest project began last year where I created a travel hub which specifically caters to student needs. I created a logo, incorporated, designed a website, created successful marketing strategies that would lead to multiple sold out events, organized accommodations, handled customer service and obtained all of the legal documentation for owning a travel agency. URL: Apple & Google store: universitytransport

My Second project, involves many similar aspects to the first, except this project entails dealing with foreign manufacturers and selling products to consumers located mainly in Canada and the United States. I recruited a sales team that would cover all of avenues were potential customers may lie. Sales occurred through a personal website, Amazon and targeting local stores.

The third project is currently in development and involves creating an advanced mobile application by managing three mobile developers.

I will help you get whatever project you may want done with minimal effort on your part. It is difficult to create something or disrupt the market, dont hire an employee, hire a partner that will give you his all!